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About Chai Medicinals


We are not licensed medical professionals. The statements and products found on this website have not been approved by the FDA. Consume our products at your own risk. Please educate yourself before consuming any product.

We are so much more than an online apothecary, we are a community resource offering support and guidance for our collective return to nature.


Our work is as human conduits for plant and fungal teachers. Gabi and Dennis have over 50 years of experience consuming mushrooms and plants. We have consumed in ceremony, as well as on our own, with each other and with others. We humble ourselves to the essence of nature’s teachings - accepting the plants and fungi themselves as our guides. We consume all of the products we produce, backing up our work with the most relevant and current scientific studies and references available.


We utilize the highest quality ingredients we can source and/or forage sustainably - and we grow our own! We utilize nothing but organic and wild foraged herbs at peak ripeness, fully grown mushroom fruit bodies and 100% cold-pressed hemp flower oils in our products - our honeys are raw, uniquely sourced and divine.

We do not cut corners!


We invite you to enjoy our online store, reach out to us with questions, and follow us on social media. We do local markets and fairs in person, we also collaborate with retailers in line with our vision.


Visit us in person at our brick and mortar store 824 S Colony Way - Palmer, AK 99645. Thank you for visiting!

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