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Nile High Bath Salt Poultice

Dead Sea Salt, Blue Lotus, Myrrh, Marshmallow Root, Buckthorn Bark, Wild Ganoderma Tsugae (Reishi)

Allow Blue Lotus and Myrrh to carry you away in a sea of aromatherapy, detoxification and beautification - Nile Style. Marshmallow Root acts as a supple humectant for the skin. The Dead Sea Salt tenderizes the muscles and fascia while naturally detoxifying the system. Blue Lotus and Myrrh are both healing and mystical herbs, these are 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients what so ever. Buckthorn Bark is utilized historically for skin care and Reishi is both relaxing and detoxifying with many healing properties for relief of inflammation allergies and irritation.

Add poultice bag to a warm bath and enjoy the grounding and cleansing properties of epsom salt with herbs. When the salt has melted the poultice can be utilized multiple times as a compress for sensitive areas that need healing as well as the face. The poultice can be utilized more than once.

Nile High Herbal Bath Salt Poultice

SKU: SQ9293454

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