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Mushroom Immune Tincture 

Immune System Toning

Wild Foraged Turkey Tail, Birch Polypore and Chaga in double extract

Our Immune Tincture is double-extracted using hot water and organic vodka. We use this method of extraction for the maximum cell wall breakage of these potent healing mushrooms. Our mushrooms are wild foraged with love, respect and the utmost care. This tincture is excellent for bolstering the immune system year round and protecting the organism from virus, harmful bacteria and harmful fungi.

Gentle yet effective, we recommend using this tincture when going into crowded areas such as school, work, hospitals or public transportation. We use it when we have been exposed to virus. Along with a healthy lifestyle, this tincture is great for preventative medicine. Available in 30ml or 15ml size.

Mushroom Immune Tincture


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