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Desert Rose Bath Salt Poultice 250mg 

Epsom salt, Organic Rose Petals, Wild Foraged Chaparral Leaf, Wild Osha Root

This Balt Salt Poultice is a moisturizing and healing bath salt blend designed to connect us with the fragrances and restorative properties of the desert. Osha root is a highly coveted desert root that naturally detoxifys the body and relaxes the soul with its intoxicating fragrances and medicinal values. Chaparral is a protective leaf with moisturizing oils who's fragrance will transport you directly to a desert rain storm. The high vibrations of Rose bring the blend to the heart.

Add poultice bag to a warm bath and enjoy the grounding and cleansing properties of epsom salt with herbs. When the salt has melted the poultice can be utilized multiple times as a compress for sensitive areas that need healing as well as the face. The poultice can be utilized more than once.

Desert Rose Herbal Bath Salt Poultice

SKU: SQ4257340

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