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Mullein, Yarrow, Nettle, Cornflower, Chamomile, Lobelia and Osha


Soothe and expand your lungs with our comforting and deliciously fragrant blend. One of our most popular blends for its unique and intoxicating aromatic quality.

Lobelia is a unique ingredient with deep roots in lung healing for millennia. In synergy with the other amazing ingredients this tea really works to clear the airways and reduce lung spasms and inflammation. Yarrow is great for inflammation and creating healthy boundaries with allergens. Nettles reduce inflammation and increase resilience. Osha is grounding and utilized in traditional native healing arts for lung health. Cornflower and Chamomile are calming and bring oxygen into the cells.

The traditional healing herbs of Breathe Deep Tea blend promote comfortable breathing and help rejuvenate the flow of breath. Breath is our life force and breathing with ease is our innate way of calming, balancing and toning the nervous and immune systems. In fact, all systems of the body depend on the breath. Heal your prana - life force - with this unique blend of herbal tea.

Check with your doctor before consuming herbs.

Breathe Deep Tea


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